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B i o g r a p h y

On 6 strings through 5 continents and found himself.

The remarkable Swiss guitarist Sandro Schneebeli lives in a beautiful mountainous landscape in the centre of Europe. But his family roots reach from Siberia to Sicily. As a musical globetrotter he has visited many countries. And wherever he went, he performed with native musicians.
Based on this treasure trove of experience, over many years Sandro over and again has created fascinating music. In his widely noticed bands, without exception, the best musicians and celebrities, such as most recently Paul McCandless were involved.

Via inspirations from around the world to an inspired sound universe.


Sandro shines as a virtuoso instrumentalist, but his stupendous technique never degenerates to artistry. It rather serves the songful music that entirely thrives on catchy melodies and dancing rhythms. Songlike compositions, which one would like to join in and hum when heard the first time, make you completely forget the subliminal complexity of the music.

Empathic host and ingenious conversationalist.

Sandro Schneebeli is the born, devoted host. A passion he regularly acts out in his own music club “Salone Piazza Grande”. However, no matter if he performs in his own club, a playhouse, jazz club or an international guitar festival, in his concerts the entire audience feels to be his personal guests.
As an artist Sandro is in harmony with himself, and this attitude towards life translates through the music to the audience. His performances unharness emotions and turn into impressive, uniting and invigorating events. This is how you wish entertainment always to be: with depth and emotion.

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