SANDRO SCHNEEBELI guitarist, composer, producer

Nomination Swiss Jazz Award 2012
Sandro Schneebeli foto2

Sandro Schneebeli was born in 1974 in Lugano. In 1994, after the Swiss Italian graduated from high school, he moved to the Swiss German city Berne where he studied music at the “Swiss Jazz School”. At the same time he started to work professionally as a freelance guitarist, composer and producer.

He is often invited abroad to perform within various music projects, in
particular in the United States, Madagascar, India, Greece, Italy, Australia, New Zeland, Kosovo, Lussemburg, Senegal, England, Armenia, Georgia, Estonia, Perù, Egypt, Belgium, Spain and Germany.
As a versatile musician blessed with a great musical and stylistical
sensibility, he has played and still plays with Brazilian, Indian, Jamaican, American, Swiss, Capo Verde, Egyptian and Argentine musicians.
For example: Victor Lewis, Paul McCandless, Bobby Watson, Eugenio Finardi,Giora Feidmann, Rupak Kulkarni, Claudio Taddei, George Robert, Rahni Krija, Daniele di Bonaventura, John Boutté, Sandy Patton, MIT Symphony Orchestra of Boston.

He has also been invited to prestigious International Music Festivals and
has played at many well known venues such as:
Madajazzcar Festival Antananarivo Madagascar// Triennale Yokohama Japan //
Midem, Cannes, France// Festival Musica du Mundo, Lima, Perù//
Menuhin Festival Gstaad, Switzerland// Artbeat Festival Cairo-Alessandria Egypt // Estival Jazz Lugano,Switzerland// Port au Prince Jazz Festival, Haiti //
Kilian Hall, Boston, USA// Kresge Auditorium,Boston, USA// Fuerte Ventura Jazz Festival, Spain// Blue Frog, MumbaiIndia// Grey Cat Festival, Italy //
Café Central, Madrid, Spain// Ritmo y compas,Madrid, Spain// Pearl’s Jazz Club, San Francisco, USA// International Theater,Frankfurt, Germany// Brotfabrik, Bonn, Germany// Laboratorium, Stuttgart,  Germany// Jazz Ascona Festival Ascona,Switzerland// TonArt Festival Altdorf, Switzerland //
Viel Jazz Festival Zug, Switzerland// House of Switzerland Athen, Greece// Swiss National Exposition, Neuchâtel 2002,Switzerland// Villa Leon, Nürnberg, Germany// TonHalle, St. Gallen, Switzerland// Centro Svizzero, Milano, Italy// Blue Note, La Laguna, Spain//

He has aroused great interest of the Swiss television (SRG/SSR idée  suisse)
and other Swiss media. Within the last few years Sandro Schneebeli has given
many interviews, performances and has been featured in a  documentary on

“DJAZZ TV” Holand, portrait Sandro Schneebeli’s SCALA NOBILE 2015
“ESTIVAL LUGANO” LA2 TV, Live Concert with Talking Drums 2015
“KULTURPLATZ” SF1, portrait Sandro Schneebeli’s SCALA NOBILE 2013
“Talk” Telebielingue, 2010//

“Il Quotidiano” RSI LA1, 2009//
“Estival Jazz Lugano” RSI LA2, 2008//
“Automobilrevue” 2008//
“Compagnia bella”, RSI LA1, 2005//
Confederation Day 1. August, SF1,TSR1,RSI LA1, 2005//
“Dietro Le Quinte”, RSI LA1, 2004//
Telebärn, Bern, 2004//
“Talk” Telebielingue, 2004//
Documentary in “Eclettica”, RSI LA1, 2002//
“Café Fédérale”, RSI LA1, 1998//




  • Sandro Schneebeli Group Feat. George Robert & Sandy Patton, “ESTATE”
    by Brambus Records, 2000
  • Guitarthing, Sandro Schneebeli & Tomas Sauter, “UP & DOWN”,
    by Altri Suoni Records, 2001
  • Sandro Schneebeli World Music Group feat. Michael Zisman, “UOMO BIANCO”
    by Brambus Records, 2003
  • Marco Zappa Group feat. Mattia Zappa & Sandro Schneebeli, “SOGNI DI GIORNO”
    Zytglogge Verlag 2004
  • Guitarthing, Sandro Schneebeli & Tomas Sauter, “SOL”
    byAltri Suoni Records, 2004
  • Sandro Schneebeli Hammond Trio “LIVE IN BERN”
    by NEVEmusic, 2006
  • Stephan Rigert “DIFFERENT MOODS”
    by Talking Drums Productions 2006
  • Jamie Wong-li “GOLDEN CHILD”
  • Sandro Schneebeli “Scala Nobile”
    by Unit Records, 2009
  • Sandro Schneebeli Boogaloo 4tet “LIVE PIAZZA GRANDE”
    by NEVEmusic 2011, (NOMINATION SWISS JAZZ AWARD 2012)
  • Frank Salis H3O feat. Sandro Schneebeli “LIVE IN VEVEY”
    by USR 2012
  • Scala Nobile feat. Paul McCandless & Bruno Amstad “LIVE ESTIVAL 2011” by Unit Records, 2012
  • Di Vento Suoni “NOIR”
    by NEVEmusic 2013
  • Music of the concerts in the Dark “BLUNOTTE”
    by NEVEmusic 2016
  • Acoustic solo guitar “SOLO”
    by NEVEmusic 2016 out now!!!






Chitarrista e compositore ticinese, compositore della sigla della Radio Svizzera Rete1