scala nobile duo with max pizio

Sandro Schneebeli’s compositions touch with their poetry and catchiness, but at the same time are full of energy and invite the musicians to solo highlights and virtuoso improvisations.  The band plays sensitive music for body and soul.

«Scala Nobile» is one of those rare bands that make the new sound familiar and the familiar sound  new.

Two individuals come together to form a dynamic, energy laden sound body whose vibrations will transfer to the audience and whisk them into a fascinating musical world.  All involved have already made a name for themselves with their own projects. The fact that they put themselves into the service of a project for this tour is a stroke of luck and a quality seal of first class.  Very seldom do so many standing leader personalities bring that much experience and skill into a joint project.  And since nobody is to the fore, with reason you may look forward to dazzling music.


  • Sandro Schneebeli , Acoustic Guitars & Compositions
  • Max Pizio , Sopran, Akai Ewe, Contrabass Clarinet