scala nobile

«Scala Nobile» has made the jump to Number 1 in the Topfive-ranking of new releases (even ahead of Ralph Towner and Paolo Fresu).  On extended tours, acclaimed club concerts and memorable appearances at the Estival Jazz Lugano, Artbeat Festival in Cairo/Alessandria Egypt, at the Triennale in Yokohama Japan, at Sonidos Urbano Festival in Lima Perù, at Grey Cat Festival in Toscany or at the Olympic Games in Athens, the group has proven that they can bring any audience into their spell.



Estival Jazz Lugano, Switzerland 2004/ 2011

Triennale, Yokohama, Japan 2011

Artbeat Jazz Festival, Egypt 2012

Giochi Olimpici, Atene, Greece 2004

In Guitar Festival, Winterthur, Switzerland 2012

Grey Cat Jazz Festival, Toscany, Italy, 2012

Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano, Switzerland 2009

Theater Basel, AllBlues, Switzerland 2011

Gitarren Festival Rheinfelden, Switzerland 2012

Gitarren Festival Biel/Bienne, Switzerland 2010

Festival Int. de Jazz de Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2013


  • Sandro Schneebeli , Acoustic Guitars, Fretless Guitar
  • Antonello Messina , Accordion
  • Eduardo "Dudu" Penz , Bass
  • Stephan Rigert , Percussions