“UOMO BIANCO” (2003)

  1. Rain Rain Rain | 06:22
  2. You Sugar | 03:48
  3. Long Time | 08:39
  4. Madrid | 07:20
  5. E Minor | 04:24
  6. It's Not So Far Away | 07:25
  7. Uomo Bianco | 05:27
  8. For My Brother | 05:48
  9. The Time Change | 07:23
  10. Joy & Laughter | 04:20
Prodotto da: NEVEmusic 2003
Etichetta: Brambus Records
Band: scala nobile

Sandro Schneebeli World Music Group (Scala Nobile)
Michael Zisman 

Sibylle Faessler– Vocal
Sandro Schneebeli– Acoustic guitars & Compositions
Michael Zisman– Bandoneon
Daniel Schläppi– Bass
Stephan Rigert– Percussions


After the former release „Estate“, Sandro Schneebeli presents us herewith another well grown masterpiece with an exciting new band line-up, which grew out of experiences over the past years. We are proud to present Sandro Schneebeli’s World Music Group, featuring: Sandro Schneebeli (ac.g.), Michael Zisman (ban.), Daniel Schläppi (b) and Stefan Rigert (perc.).

With this group, Schneebeli goes beyond all the borders of jazz and reaches new sound spheres. The current sound is designed to melodic and well appreciated compositions. The new compositions are his personal expressions, his own way and the melodies are not overloaded, they are exactly the way to reach the hearts of the listeners. The new compositions breath the simplicity and cleanness of real folksongs. The band presents it in a straight and real way, without overloading in techniques. The line-up with bandoneon, bass, percussion and Schneebeli’s guitar is unusual and new. It is an adventurous way to discover a new world music and unites influences from Argentina to Africa and onwards to the Kirgisian desert. A brilliant new band which some of the best in jazz and world music and full of sensible sounds