1. Dedicato | 04.31
  2. Vento di Spagna | 05:22
  3. 23 Luglio | 04:24
  4. White Stone | 03:22
  5. Valverde | 02:35
  6. Bonango | 04:57
  7. El Sitio | 04:23
  8. Vieja Frita | 03:18
  9. Fragile | 03:31
  10. Scala Nobile | 06:23
  11. Improvvisazione | 03:39
  12. Bianca | 01:54
  13. Bonus Track- Madagascar (with Bobby Watson) | 05:53
Prodotto da: NEVEmusic
Etichetta: Unit Records 2009
Band: scala nobile

Sandro Schneebeli- Acoustic Guitars & Compositions
Michaele Zisman- Bandoneon
Daniel Schlaeppi– Bass
Stephan Rigert– percussions

Sandro Schneebeli “scala nobile” (formerly “world music group”) has been causing a sensation for quite a few years now. His first CD “Uomo Bianco” (Brambus 2003) was extremely well received by both the public and by critics. A lengthy tour followed its release with over 50 concerts. Alongside a number of fantastic club appearances, the concerts at the Lugano Jazz Festival, at the BeJazz Winter Festival and the Olympic Games in Athens were true highlights.

All the musicians in “scala nobile” have already gained renown many times over with their own exciting individual projects. Now, as skilled leading personalities and experienced instrumentalists, they bring this rich experience and artistic ability to the group, creating a rounded, atmospheric sound with their sophisticated ensemble playing. “scala nobile” is one of those rare bands that make the new sound familiar and the familiar sound new. The secret behind this entertaining mix lies in the exceptional intuition of the musicians. In their spontaneous interplay, they always achieve the perfect balance of melody and daring.

In 2007, Sandro Schneebeli took some time out in the Canary Islands, to refresh his creative inspiration. During this creative period, a number of pieces were created, inspired by island life. Alongside the greatest hits of “scala nobile”, these pieces can now be heard for the first time as part of the quartet’s repertoire. Schneebelis’s music oscillates with increasing frequency within the field between tango and jazz. His compositions are moving and catchy with their poetry and at the same time brimming with energy and fire, inviting the musicians to solo flights of fantasy and virtuoso improvisations.


In the meantime, the current program by Sandro Schneebeli “scala nobile“ is available on the “Scala Nobile” CD. With the support of Rete 2  (Lugano), Sandro Schneebeli, together with his band and the  renowned sound engineer Marti Jane Robertson, know for her work with David Sanborn, Marcus Miller,  Steve Gadd, Steely Dan and Eros Ramazzotti, has produced a fascinating sound medium that is now on release to the public as part  of a lengthy CD release tour. A must for all lovers of refined music and elegant melodies.